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About ous

Forum – the National Forum for Voluntary Organizations is an umbrella organization for civil society organizations working within the social sphere in Sweden.


Our aim is to improve the opportunities for voluntary social work within Sweden through influencing public opinion, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and introducing new methods of work.


With other words Forum aims to improve the opportunities for civil society to participate in the creation of a better society. We do this through:


  • Influencing politicians in order to modernize both the financial support provided as well as laws and rules in place. The overall goal is to make sure that nothing will prevent civil engagement.
  • Acting as intermediary for volunteer engagement through Volontärbyrån and providing civil society organizations with IT products through Techsoup.
  • Monitoring and spreading knowledge about civil society in Sweden.

Read more about Volonärbyrån here. Volontärbyrån makes it easy for volunteers and non-profit organisations to find each other. In their webpage you can post, search and inquire about volunteering opportunities which can be done in English or other languages with non-profit organisations in Sweden.


Brief info
– non-profit organisation, founded in 1993
– platform for the exchange of knowledge and developing methods
– focused on a free and growing NGO-sector
– stresses the importance of voluntary work for public welfare
– focused on Sweden, but excellent network within the EU
– principal responsibility for Volontärbyrån – the volunteer matching database
– Forum is not directly involved in voluntary social work, and we do not disburse money to NGOs.



Forum – the National Forum for Voluntary organizations welcome national NGOs involved in voluntary social work in Sweden as full members. Associated members are also welcomed- these are organizations who wish to support the aims and goals of Forum, for instance municipalities and companies.

Full members are for example: The Swedish Association for Victim Support, Swedish Civil Defence League , The Salvation Army, Swedish Red Cross, Save The Children Sweden, Swedish temperance organisation IOGT-NTO, The National Council of YWCA-YMCA of Sweden, Lions Clubs International , BRIS – Children’s Rights in Society, Sensus Study Association


How to reach us?
If you have any questions about us do not hesitate to contact our Secretary General Göran Pettersson. The easiest way to reach him is through email: