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What is Forum?

Forum is the umbrella organisation for Swedish NGOs involved in social work. Our aim is to improve the opportunities for voluntary social work within Sweden through influencing public opinion, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and introducing new methods of work. Forum is also running the process of creating “Spelregler” (equivalent to the English Compact) within Sweden.


Brief info
– non-profit organisation, founded in 1993
– platform for the exchange of knowledge and developing methods
– focused on a free and growing NGO-sector
– stresses the importance of voluntary work for public welfare
– focused on Sweden, but excellent network within the EU
– principal responsibility for Volontärbyrån – the volunteer matching database
– Forum is not directly involved in voluntary social work, and we do not disburse money to NGOs.


Our goals for 2009-2012

The members have given the Forum the following main goals to work for:

– Implementing the National Agreement as well as supporting the creation of regional and local agreements
– Uniting the Civil Society in Sweden
– To deapen the legitimacy of what we do, through close contact and dialouge with the member organisations
– To create a national support structure for the local volunteer centres
– Supporting a proactive voice function through good and fast monitoring of the external environment, both in Sweden and in the European Union
– Creating equal opportunities within the Civil society in Sweden.


The National Forum for Voluntary Social Work welcome national NGOs involved in voluntary social work in Sweden as full members. Associated members are also welcomed- these are organisations who wish to support the aims and goals of Forum, for instance municipalities and companies.

Full members are:
The Swedish Association for Victim Support
Swedish Civil Defence League
Diakonistiftelsen Samariterhemmet
Fenix – self help center
The Salvation Army
Föreningen FVO
Föreningen för Hörselskadade och Döva Barn med Familjer
Hela Människan
The Swedish Organisation for Individual Relief
Swedish temperance organisation IOGT-NTO
Jourhavande Medmänniska
The National Council of YWCA-YMCA of Sweden
Lions Clubs International
BRIS – Children’s Rights in Society
Swedish Association of Voluntary Community Workers
Riksorganisationen för kvinnojourer och tjejjourer i Sverige ROKS
Save the Children Sweden
Sensus Study Association
Sociala Missionen
SV – Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan
Church of Sweden
The Swedish Red Cross
Sveriges Blåbandförbund
Sveriges Frikyrkosamråd
Sveriges Invandrare Mot Narkotika (SIMON)
Swedish Association of Women’s Shelters
Remarkable Parents
The Center for Voluntary Social Work
Våga Värna Varandra

Associated members are:
The municipalities of Sollentuna, Stockholm, Södertälje, Norrköping, Värmdö and Nacka, the labour union SKTF.


How to reach us?
If you have any questions about us do not hesitate to contact our Secreatry General Göran Pettersson. The easiest way to reach him is through email: